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"Isolation is the dream killer."

Neo-coach Barbara Sher nailed that concept years ago, and it still holds true. Community—the right community—lifts dreams high, holds them safe, and feeds them all the good stuff.

The Imperfect Alliance is a dream-feeder.

I know you have dreams—some that come alive in your day-to-day, some that are peeking out from behind a corner, juuuuust out of reach. Reveries of a better world, bigger ideas, more moonshot thinking, less status quo.

‘That’s just the way it is’ is your call to action: Change is your battle cry. You’re curious and open-minded; that open mind is agile and looking to be engaged. Engagement to you equals empathy and learning, two things that top your lists.

The Imperfect Alliance is you. Variations of you, in diverse and inclusive forms.

Some of you are in business for yourself, looking to shift the corporate mentality, elbowing in with new perspectives and proposals. You belong in the Imperfect Alliance.

Some of you are not at your peak: life hasn’t offered the options you were expecting, and you find yourself wondering how to take next steps, how to escape poverty, addiction, the results of trauma, run-ins with a world that feels unsupportive. You belong in the Imperfect Alliance.

Some of you are achievers, with your meticulous checklist ticked every day—but, where’s the Big Meaning? What’s with this ennui and ‘Is that all there is?’ feeling? You belong in the Imperfect Alliance.


Most of you just haven’t found a community in which you feel empowered, excited, challenged, fully engaged, encouraged and supported, equal.


Yeah: same.


So, here comes the Imperfect Alliance.

Membership offers access to a lot. A lot of opportunities to connect, to empathize, to share, to learn, to mentor, to grow. To change—your interior world, and the world around you.

Weekly co-working and networking times; monthly Q&A sessions you can lead, or participate in; a book club that takes the time to read a meaningful book (perhaps written by an Alliance member) over the course of a month or two, with regular check-ins. Complicated conversations—in the best possible way—led by experts. Access to each other through Heartbeat, a heart-driven social network. A library—nay, treasure trove of resources, created and shared by members. Weekly email updates. Involvement in group decisions.


How does it work?


Founding members (that could be you, I hope) pay $35 a month for the first 6 months. The standard fee will be $65 per month to start. That fee gives you access to all of the above, and to each other.


You'll want to be part of this new community if you have an agile and curious mind, and want to use it well, for the greater good, in the company of others. 

This membership community will change lives—imperfectly and with joy.


By invitation only, application forthcoming.

(Yes, I'm being exclusive that way. You'll see why.)

Want to learn more/join the waitlist?

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