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Your questions answered—before you even have to ask.

How does the process start?

Typically and/or ideally, we have an intro call, and decide we're the right fit for one another. Then I email you a contract to read and sign—nothing onerous, no signing in blood. Once that's done, we meet weekly for a one-hour session. You book these sessions through my website, paying online as you go. You can choose different days and times that work with your schedule, or we can discuss a reserved day and time.

Are there any constraints to the contract?

Other than adherence to the guidelines for mutual respect, nope—you can end it at any time. I would never want to work with someone who doesn't want to work with me.

What does a typical coaching session look like?

It depends: sometimes you'll have a new and burning issue to bring to the session; sometimes something will come up organically; sometimes we'll have set goals and targets and will be working on or towards those. There will be times when we'll focus on a particular marketing issue or tool, like a Brand Filter, your imperfect intro, creative strategy, or defining your target audience.

I record each Zoom session (with your permission), and run the audio through a transcription program ( I share the transcript with you, and ask you to read through it, highlight standout/important elements, and choose three goals to achieve before our next session. You send me the list of goals and deadlines.

What happens between sessions?

You work on those goals you've chosen, and aim to meet your deadlines. You can email me whenever you need a bit of feedback, support, or celebration.

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