The Imperfect Lauren

Creative. Trauma-informed. Caring. Weirdo.


My superpower is seeing potential, and one of my greatest joys is watching you discover the things I can see in you that you can't yet see for yourself.

I believe the process of coaching is allowing the client to lead rather than me taking the helm—I'm using my knowledge and expertise not to guide you, but to encourage your own knowledge and wisdom. 

I live for seeing a client's eyes light up with insight and excitement—taking you from "I don't know what to do," to, "I can't wait to do this!"

Meet Soda, my adorable, adoring, and adored Belgian/German Shepherd rescue dog.

me & soda.jpg

Those are the (often) bare feet of a writer of fiction, creative, animal enthusiast, small-scale farmer, seed-saver, book- and film-lover, advocate, plant-based neo-hippie, and 'that lady.'

Every aspect of my life has led me to the creation of The Imperfect Network. Here's mathematical proof: 

decades of experience and entrepreneurship in various industries (graphic design, copywriting, advertising, journalism, performance/acting, event management, small business development)


decades of experience managing my own mental health issues (anxiety, depression, CPTSD, ADHD) and the resultant research, training, learning, and resources


passionate and empathetic coaching for small businesses 


My goal with the Imperfect Network is to create a world where   

  • there is support for everyone, especially those who don’t think they deserve it;  

  • there is fairness in diversity, equity and inclusion;   

  • people are respected and appreciated for who they truly are;   

  • good people aren’t afraid;   

  • addictions aren’t stigmatized;   

  • there is better-than-adequate mental health support for all, and seeking it is utterly normalized;   

  • housing is accessible and a human right, and homelessness ceases to exist;   

  • people care about and work diligently to support the health of our natural environment;   

  • all of this happens with respect, laughter and love.