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Imperfect Networking

Bit of a no-brainer for the Imperfect Network to have a networking group, right? Hilarious that it took months for me to see it—and now here it is. Almost. Coming very, very soon.

We'll meet weekly for one hour, Thursdays from 12–1pm ET.


week one

First and third Thursdays of each month


First 10 mins: What people are hoping to get from the session: looking to meet, hoping to find, here because…
Last 10 mins: People can announce their new group offerings, events, etc, out loud and in the chat. Keep it as brief as possible so we can try to hear from as many as possible.

40 mins of friendly networking, with breakout groups of 3-4 people, 20 mins per x 2

week two

Second and fourth Thursdays of each month


Group coaching led by one member of the group (assigned in advance).

Members can sign up for the chance to coach the group.


Membership: Imperfect Networking is currently available only as part of your Imperfect Alliance membership.
Group coaches are paid $120 CAD for their services. While coaching the group naturally provides promotion of services, this is not a sales opportunity, please and thanks.
Other benefits of membership: Slack group with several discussion channels, and/or other ways to support one another outside of sessions—ideas welcome! The hive mind of Slack lets people share questions and ideas, and offer support and suggestions.
Start date TBD—or when there are 6 people signed up.

Who can participate: People of all genders; entrepreneurs/solopreneurs who have a service that can serve the group in some way; service-focused businesses; NO multilevel marketing, etc.

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