Passionate, empathetic, and inclusive coaching for small business owners and solopreneurs.
Feeling stuck in overwhelm and perfectionism?
Imposter syndrome stopping you in your tracks?
I’ll get you comfortable with being messy and real—and focused and productive. 

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the imperfect brand coach

With decades of experience as a creative in advertising and marketing, I’m here to support and champion you, and to help you trust yourself with your business and brand development.

What's now? What's next? What's down the line? We'll figure it all out together. We often start by defining the biggest possible dream you can imagine for your business—

oh, way bigger than that!—so that every task in your day has purpose.


I’m trauma-informed and empathetic, and really enjoy clients who are working on projects that just might change the world. I encourage my clients to dream big, and I do the same.


I look for projects and ways to improve supports and resources for mental health, the environment, human rights, 2SLGBTQAI++ and BIPOC advocacy, and other social justice issues.  


So you sell bananas or shoe-polishing services?

I'm 100% here for you, too!


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Yup, it's a selfie. Being seen—taking the pic and getting it up on this site—was a challenge, and I accepted it on my own terms: imperfectly.

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Coming soon:


A membership community for women with open and agile minds, and big dreams for the world

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