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This is my baby. My legacy program. My raison d'être.

Currently in a dream state, surfacing into the day with little links and connections and ideas added all the time.

I hesitate to share a lot about my life, because it’s been… colourful, and some of my experiences can generate pity, or prejudice, or discomfort. So please set aside those presumptions, and here goes.


Imperfect Hope is something I wish I’d had.


The dream is to help people who are experiencing homelessness, addiction, and other results of trauma move from despair to hope—however imperfect that hope might be.


Having lived-experienced of these, I know first hand how awful and retraumatizing existing and established (particularly by government) services can be—if you can even access them at all.


By providing alternative methods of support through a wide selection of therapies and coaching, Imperfect Hope could bring people from dark days into brighter ones.


Services will include psychotherapy focused on processing trauma; addiction counselling and coaching; grief counselling; financial coaching; career coaching; business coaching; life transition counselling, and more. ALL OF IT trauma-informed.


The legacy dream plan is to establish physical locations all over the world, ideally rehabilitating underused spaces and making them uniquely beautiful and welcoming. (The Gladstone House in Toronto is a source of inspiration for its vision, creativity, and beauty. Prairie Harm Reduction is another source of inspiration, for its openness, respect, and vision.)


There is so much more to my dream of Imperfect Hope. Check in periodically, or sign up for my email newsletter to watch it build.


And please reach out if you have any services or supports to offer, or need help/hope, or know of anyone who does. 

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