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5 weeks of individual coaching

for cringe-free networking that works!

Dread networking but have a feeling it's the right thing to do?

authentically, memorably, and effectively
with the ideal clients and resources
you've been dreaming of.

We’re all there in the Zoom rooms, eager to meet, smiling away, giving each other the benefit of the doubt. We’re curious and excited—we’re networking. [Cue awkward grin.]


And what are we getting out of it?


We listen, we talk, we enthuse—and then we usually log off and go on with our day, pleased to have accomplished that networking thing we’re supposed to be doing. Box checked.


[Leans head to one side, puzzled expression] But how does this whole networking thing actually work?


Connection. Trust and ease. Curiosity, and creativity.

We’re focusing on building relationships with potential clients and resources,

not just exchanging business cards.

Imperfect Connections is your hand-holding handbook to cringe-free networking that works—without the sweaty palms, suddenly-blank mind, or embarrassing nervous laughter.




  • one hour of 1-to-1 coaching per week

  • 1 public (external, free, vetted by me) online networking group experience per week, accompanied by me, and feedback from same 

  • and some (fun) solo-work,

    • like crafting your Imperfect Intro using exercises and mad-libs (sorta)


You'll learn how to build and maintain a true (and imperfect) network of clients, allies, suppliers, and other delightful connections.


Over the 5 weeks, we'll focus on

Networking strategy

You'll answer questions like: 

  • What are you hoping to achieve through networking?

  • Who do you want to connect with and how?

  • What do you want to give and receive?

  • What are you comfortable doing and saying? And what are you not-gonna-no-way do or say?

Putting that strategy into practice step-by-step with a

Networking plan

  • Develop your Imperfect Intro

A compelling and memorable summary of what you do, how, and for whom. There’s a template for this!

  • Craft a compelling LinkedIn profile

  • Learn how to give & receive referrals 

  • Create follow-up emails: To whom, how, why, saying what…

The when/what/how of all of the following with one-to-one coaching, templates, guides, and even copy you can swipe.

  • Deepening connections

  • Connecting other people to one another

  • Responding effectively to connections

  • Determining what to do next

  • Crafting a graceful no thanks

  • Referring along 

  • Creating a referral email asking existing connections to refer you along

  • Developing a tracking plan to follow up on all the connections you make


You'll also get

  • Direct, customized connections with at least two relevant and useful contacts

  • Direct, customized connections with two relevant and potential clients

  • Introductions to new networking experiences

Lauren, you make the best introductions. Seriously. You always get me pumped up and leave me blushing at the same time. You could teach a course on how to make introductions and connect people.

Megan Kranzler, owner of Olive Ridley Studios and a brilliant mind

I think that was the best (and most authentic) email intro response I have ever received. Count me among your newest fans!

Rick Swanson, founder of Local VIP and possessor of a massive heart


Each week includes 

  • One 1-hour one-to-one coaching session focused on networking, including developing your networking strategy and plan, crafting your Imperfect Intro, crafting emails, referral plans, etc. 

  • One public networking event which I will also attend, followed by feedback (via email)

  • Solo work/homework for you to do between sessions (you decide how much) supported by email 

  • Worksheets/checklists

Three keys to great networking are


The 5-week Imperfect Connections
program is $1000

This includes everything listed above,

a program workbook,

a tracking system for your connections,

plus smiles and laughter, an expanding network of clients, resources, and allies, a growing email list, and a sense of real progress.

$25 from each registration goes towards supporting accessible mental health services; $25 goes to Imperfect Network coaching scholarships; and $25 goes towards the development of Imperfect Hope.

Curious, but have questions?

I wannabe a networking star—but I have questions!

Thanks for submitting!

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