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Imperfect Co-working
The only thing better than co-working is Imperfect Co-working.

A virtual gathering of like-minded folks who might be served by some accountability and connection: Imperfect Coworking. The idea is to create a supportive, compassionate space that allows people to accomplish the things they might have been putting off, avoiding, or dreading—and also to accomplish the beautiful, easeful things they’re excited about.


Coworking is something I have been passionate about for years—and coworking in a pandemic has saved most of my brains. These circumstances have also taught me that creating community via Zoom is actually easier and more pleasant for me than in person, making coworking that much more viable, and helpful.


Ultimately I’m hoping we can also use this group as a way to share skills and knowledge, support one another in growth, and provide a productive and nurturing connection. I plan to bring in masterminds and leaders to talk to us about various topics—to be determined by the membership, of course.


The graphic should explain everything, and if you’re left with any questions, I would love to hear from you.


The coworking timing suggestion is currently Fridays from 1pm–3pm Eastern Time. If that schedule doesn’t work for you, but you’re keen to participate in an encouraging, inspiring coworking environment, please tell me! I'm absolutely willing to be flexible with the timing to accommodate as many lovely people as possible.

ImpCo flyer
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