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Procrastination is delicious. (No, that's chocolate.)

Today’s imperfect message is brought to you by procrastination:



Rereading and laughing at earlier drafts.

  • “The primary objective in naming my organization The Imperfect Network was to free myself and my clients from the limiting constraints of perfectionism.” Wtf? Snoozeville!

And MOFOs.

Mainly brought to you by MOFOs.

Write Like a MOFO is a group of (mostly) women led by intelligent, chill, and refreshingly potty-mouthed Jacq Fisch that has become soul food for me and my productivity. Accountability, community, insights (professional and personal), and loads of ‘Hey, me too!’

I headed into a recent cowriting session with the intent to write a bevy of SFDs (shitty first drafts, a great MOFO tool). And then came the procrastination, and you know how that went.

After mentioning this in the top-of-the-hour check-in, where others also mentioned “squirrel” moments, I realized that’s part of the message: Imperfection includes procrastination.

And procrastination is delicious. No, that’s chocolate.

Procrastination is useful: it can be named, tamed, and used to create honest, vulnerable content.

Tell me about your procrastination—when you get around to it. ;)

I read and reply to every email.

If I hear from three people or more, I’d be happy to conduct an Imperfect Conversation exploring procrastination.

And if you’d like to talk one-on-one about putting things off, or about getting your brand off the ground, or anything else related, go ahead and book a discovery call.

Your ally in imperfection (and procrastination),


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